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Author Topic: Site-to-site IPsec connected, but no data flow (?)  (Read 131 times)

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Site-to-site IPsec connected, but no data flow (?)
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:13:49 pm »
I have 2 pfSense boxes. Both have WANs attached to a switch  attached to a Comcast EoHFC. Each WAN is on a separate IP within the 6 IPs we have from Comcast.

Thinking to experiment with IPsec site-to-site, I setup a connection between the two WANs.
In Status/IPSEC the connection shows as connected (on either pfSense box; I'm connecting my laptop to the LAN on first one, then the other.
However, when I try to ping pfSense box B's LAN address from pfSense box A (or vice versa), these fail.
Both boxes have 'pass everything' on IPsec.

Do I need to create static routes? This hasn't been necessary with other firewalls I've used - and if I go to Status/IPsec/SPD, I see what appear to be routes.

I've been going over tunnel phase 1 and 2 on both boxes - and it looks right (using the pfSense Book's 'example IPsec' as a guide)

Any suggestions for things I should check?