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Unused Vouchers shown as expired

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Hi all, was running 2.3.4 with a captive portal and vouchers of different time durations, 24 hours / 48 hours etc. Everything was working fine but unfortunate due to a power outage the config/install got corrupted and I had to to a fresh install and upload a backup of the config.

Since 2.4.0 was released I decided to to trial that. The same voucher rolls where generated with the restoration of the config but since they where unmarked as used it should not have been an issue.

Right now if I issue 10 vouchers at least 4 will come back as expired. I have upgraded to 2.4.2 and deleted the old rolls and generated new ones but the problem persists.

Is there a known issue with 2.4.0 and above regarding vouchers?

Thanks for the help.


Do yo mean that when you create a new roll with for example 10 vouchers with a duration of 15 minutes, some of them are expired as soon as you create them ?

Its for use in a public wifi zone and w use vouchers to limit guest bandwidth usage, I have created 3 rolls of 1440 mins / 2880 mins & 4320 mins respectively. Each roll has 1023 vouchers. 

Say that we issue 10 guest one voucher each, 4-5 of them will get an error saying the voucher has expired.

So take some and test them. What do you see? What does the portal auth log say?

Going to need more information. When I have used vouchers they worked fine.

Same here.
Created 5 rolls  with 5 vouchers each - lasting 15 minutes each.
Tested them all using the "voucher test page"
They ware all valid, 15 minutes left.
When using one, it timed out after 15 min.


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