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Thinking about wireless access points, with storage


Afternoon All,
I'm going to start configuring my first pfsense router this weekend to replace my RAQ550 (with IPCOP.)
I've got the hardware assembled and the SSD setup, just need to put it in the 2u box I have now... but this got me thinking.

I've just taken down a couple of eeebox PC B202 at work.
They have wifi on them, as well as between 2 and 4gb of ram and 2.5" drives between 120gb and 500gb.

Could these be set up as wireless access points that have open shares on them? If so what would the best procedure be?

They have an SD slot that could be used for pfsense to be installed on, leaving the storage drive free for, well anything really.

Anyone wanting to pitch in is more than welcome!

Maybe you could put Linux or FreeBSD on them and bridge the LAN & WiFi so they act like an access-point, not really a question to pop in here though.

FWIW I wouldn't put my storage on some random device.

Put FreeNAS on an eeebox and use an access-point as an access-point.


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