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2 ISP to 2 WANs and make 2 LANs

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i have set up pfsens to load balance 2 WANs (from 2 ISPs)
Now i would like to share 1 ekstra lan to my rental aparment. In this way i make one lan for my house and one for the apartment.

My pfsense box is connected to a switch and apartment is wired to this switch.

I was thinking to make one extra DHCP service for this but i cant find a way. Do i need to make a VLAN?


If you need to use VLANs depends on your setup, pfSense hardware, switch and need to separate apartment traffic from your LAN.
Is your switch VLAN capable or do you have a spare interface in your pfSense (or could you just throw in an additional NIC)?


I have a apu with 3 nics, plan to have 2 wan in one lan out.

Was hoping pfsense could handle house an apartment by itself so switch could stay out of the equation.

Faile safe is nice but bundling bandwidth and 2 separeye lans is my imediate needs, but i dont figure out how to set it up.


With a 3-port APU you're missing at least one physical interface.
Without a managed switch you will not be able to use VLANs and configure another subnet for your apartment. No way of doing so.

--- Quote from: Modesty on November 30, 2017, 04:39:24 pm ---Faile safe is nice but bundling bandwidth and 2 separeye lans is my imediate needs
--- End quote ---
You are aware that two WANs 'bundled' will NOT get you the sum of both connection speeds, aren't you?
2x 1Mbps will always be 2x 1Mbps and not 1x 2Mbps. Has nothing to do with pfSense, that's a basic TCP/IP limitation.

Hello There, I'm also new to this forum. It depends on how complex you want your setup to be. You can go with VLANs but this can get over complicated if you just require simple segmentation. I suggest you go with getting an extra NIC.


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