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Author Topic: multi wan - mailserver on dmz - lan users can't access mail server  (Read 147 times)

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Hello, i'm new on pfsense and i've got a problem.
My ISP gives me 2 ip and one gateway

I've setup pfsense with 3 interfaces :

lan on
wan on 194.x.x.98/29
dmz on 192.168.20.x/24

My gateway is 194.x.x.97

i've added a virtual ip for 194.x.x.99
and i've nat 1:1 one ip to my mail server 194.x.x.99 ->

i've created rules for access imap, webmail and when i try to access webmail, everything works

My lan computers are using wan 194.x.x.98 for surfing and my problem is they can't access mailserver
via 194.x.x99. If i want to access mailserver i must type ip in browser or mail client.

What can you advise me to be able to access my mailserver from 194.x.x.98 to 194.x.x.99?

Thanks a lot for your answers, Damien

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Re: multi wan - mailserver on dmz - lan users can't access mail server
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 05:48:19 pm »
Your users are probably not accessing the mail server by its IP but via its hostname, right? (like
Have a look at split-DNS locally then.

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