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DHCP Service does not show on VLAN Interface

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Hi Folks,

I have a PFSense box running on a laptop with one interface. I've setup VLANs for connecting to the internet and VoIP networks etc.

I see and have configure the DHPC service on the main interface but I don't see any extra tabs in the DHCP service for the VLAN interfaces.

The main interface is em0 which has a tab in the DHCP service and works as expected but I don't see any tabs for em0.3 or em0.10 even though I assigned a static IP to these interfaces.

Any help would be appreciated.


You have to enable the interface before you can enable a DHCP server for it.
Unfortunately you can assign a static IP to the IF without having to enable it prior.

Check the netmask on the interfaces themselves. You probably want /24 there not /32.

If an interface has too small a netmask to be used with DHCP service is it disabled automatically then (or even unavailable)?



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