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Author Topic: Pfsense upgrade and sync error  (Read 54 times)

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Pfsense upgrade and sync error
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:28:16 am »

We are using pfSense as HA mode. One is primary and one is secondary. Our primary pfSense version is 2.4.2 and secondary pfSense version is 2.2.2.

We are having 2 different issues with this pfSense while running for HA proxy.

Our primary pfSense v2.4.2 - this pfSense showing error "A communications error occurred while attempting to call XMLRPC method host_firmware_version: Unable to connect to tls://<Our Secondary Pfsense IP>. Error: Operation timed out".

And our we are unable to update our secondary pfSense v2.2.2 to v2.4.2. It shows error : "unable to check for updates" while updating manually.

Due to this 2 issues, our both pfSense are not in sync and we are not able to use HA proxy mode.

Can any one please help on this, to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Dhaval Oza

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Re: Pfsense upgrade and sync error
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 05:00:38 am »
If you cannot upgrade the secondary, backup the configuration, install 2.4.2 fresh, and restore the configuration.

It will be a surprise to nobody that you are experiencing problems with that disparity between node versions.
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Use this diagram to describe your issue.
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