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software RAID1 for OS, necessary?


I have 2 identical new Intel 545s 256GB SSD drives.

Should I use the built-in Intel software raid on my SuperMicro A1SRI-2358F motherboard to create a RAID1 mirror for the OS or is just 1 drive sufficient?

This will be a primary gateway at at remote office location, stability/up-time is important.


You'd be better off with a ZFS mirror. It's simple to set up during install.

I mis-spoke in my OP, the mirror setup via the pfSense install is what I was referring to.
Would be installing 2.4 stable build.

Do not use the provided BIOS RAID configurator or any of the provided utilities for it. Instead use ZFS mirror as suggested, ZFS does poorly if it doesn't have a direct access to the disks used. In fact a configuration where ZFS is used on top of a software pseudo RAID defeats most of advantages ZFS offers.

SuperMicro A1SRI-2358F + Chassis CSE-101i isn't really "made" for 2x HDs, but the HD bay does easily fit 2 SSD atop each other.
But, since I'm using external pwr supply, the mobo only has 1 male molex connector for HD pwr. So, I had to order female molex to 2x SATA power for the SSDs. Wasn't easy to find female molex to SATA power, but finally got 1 in today.

Got everything up and running with Auto Install (ZFS), very easy. Thanks for recommendations everyone.

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    ada1p3  ONLINE       0     0     0

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