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Hi, I'm unsuccessfully trying to get into Netgate SG-3100.  I'm clearly doing something stupid, just not sure what.  Here's sequence of events:

* Nothing connected to Netgate SG-3100.  Cycle power, wait for diamond LED to pulse
* Hold reset button 10 seconds, wait for diamond LED to pulse
* PC configured for DHCP
* Connect PC to Netgate port LAN 1 with known good cable
    * ipconfig shows IP address assigned to PC as
    * Arp -a shows nothing for Netgate, only
        *, and
        * Local addresses (224.0.0.x, etc)
* Change PC IP address to static, via control panel/properties
    * No change to arp table, no connection to netgate
    * Change PC back to DHCP
* Change to Netgate port LAN2
    * No change

Please connect the serial console and see what is shown there:

Thank you very much Derelict.  That worked perfectly and was also THE most polite RTFM ever.  Much appreciated.

So you got it worked out? What was it?

Yep, all good.  Not sure what the original problem source was, but am sure that once I went in via console, reset and reconfigured, it was receptive and behaved as expected.  Thx for the follow up!


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