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pfsense 2.4.2 upnp bug?

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Hi everyone.

I have UPNP enabled but have two IP and ports defined in the configuration for access control to upnp.  However, I see that another client on the network has a upnp session open (and is not in the access rule).  Is this a bug?


What are your exact ACL rules in UPnP?

Clients are allowed by default so unless you have a rule denying access to everyone after your allow entries, then others can still make connections.

Here is an example ACL i have in place:

allow 53-65535 53-65535

However another IP not on this rule has an open upnp session open.

But do you have a deny rule? It allows by default. You need a deny to stop others from getting access.

Maybe my understanding is incorrect.  I thought pfsense was a deny by default unless granted rule base?  Does this not apply to upnp?  What would a deny rule look like?

** edit - i totally missed the deny by default check box :).  Thanks for pointing out the hole :)


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