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DNS name resolution


My current DNS setup is like so

LAN clients -> AD DNS -> pfSense -> Open DNS

In this config I can't resolve internal computer names with pfsense.

Is there a way for pfsense to pull internal names from the AD server so I can get local IP to Name resolution in my snort and firewall alert and block lists or am I just stuck with looking in my AD DNS server for that info?

Setup a domain override in pfsense pointing to your AD domain.

I have the same issue. A client machine comes in from a OpenVPN connection and connects successfully, using IP address, however, name resolution does not work. I have added the domain overide in the DNS Resolver settings and I am still not able to resolve names, only IP addresses. I am not using PFSense for DHCP on my LAN. I have a Windows Active Directory setup and utilize Windows server for DHCP and DNS. How could I get this to work, or is there a recommended configuration for a Windows AD environment?


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