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Good Day people

I have

There are a few devices, servers and NAS in the DMZ and they all have the same rules at the moment in the DMZ interface.
I have web access from the LAN to both NAS and windows servers, and RDP to Windows Servers. Also for the file share on \\NAS-1\ShareName I have access from the LAN also if I use the NAS IP \\192.168.18.x\.

My problem is that I can not access the windows shared folder.. not with\\WinSeverName\ nor with \\192.168.18.x <IP Addresss>.

All ports seem to be open for all protocols IP*

What I am missing here?


If they are all on the same LAN segment then I would suggest looking at the machine itself, i.e. go to the advanced sharing options on the server and check there.

The only time I have had problems with Windows, well as far as sharing goes, I've had lots of other problems, is when the something in the sharing options was not configured correctly.

Probably the Windows firewall.  I think it's set to block traffic from outside the local subnet.  Disable it and see if that helps.

@KOM, the windows firewall is turned off... the only FW is pfSense and that has IP* open to and from the LAN

@marjohn56, they are on different subnets and all other services work to and from them  but the file share.

What is the IP and mask of the offending device and the same info from the machine trying to connect to it?


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