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Multi-WAN and Multi-LAN Outbound NAT



Here's how I want it NATed:

LAN200 ( ---> NAT ---> WAN200 (Internet)
LAN201 ( ---> NAT ---> WAN201 (Internet)

NAT Rules:

LAN200 can get out to the internet
LAN201 cannot get out to the internet

Any ideas?

I'm a noob, so take with a grain of salt, but check under Firewall / Rules / LAN and make sure that your second LAN has a rule similar to the "Default allow LAN to any rule" maybe?

Not only what bl0bby said, but also, you may want to look into gateway groups. I have two ISP's running into my house (two xbox's, bad game developers, can go on for hours) and I set up my gateways such that they fail over to each other depending on who is up. If both are up, route XBox 2 out ATT, everyone else plus Xbox 1 goes out COX.

But the moral is, making sure the LANs rules are correct in allowing out plus routing out the right gateway.
You've probably already read through this, but, this is the doc I used to work out setting up multi-wan.


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