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VirtualBox Abort (Never seen before)


A streak of many years of flawless pfSense operation in a Oracle VirtualBox came to an end suddenly, and I am looking for advice on whether it is VirtualBox 5.1.30 or pfSense 2.4.2 or something else. VirtualBox aborted twice in two weeks. No apparent trigger the first time (middle of the night). The seconds time shortly after updating the snort package to   (the update completed successfully but vbox aborted shortly after; snort will not start now, will reinstall later when a loss of internet will be less noticed by teenagers.)

vbox log:

any tips/pointers/advice appreciated. thanks in advance.

If your hypervisor crashes, that is 100% a problem with your hypervisor or hardware. A problem in the guest OS should never cause the hypervisor to crash.


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