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Cloudflare DynDNS Errors


Hi all, trying to get a Cloudflare subdomain updating via DynDNS. Currently on Version 2.3.4-Rel-p1. It's working correctly if I leave 'Enable Proxy' unchecked, but with the unwanted exposure of my public IP address.

If I check 'Enable Proxy' and do a save and force update, everything happens correctly, however if the WAN IP changes, I get a cloudflare error 9003:

--- Code: ---Invalid 'proxied' value, must be a boolean
--- End code ---

I note that there was a change to the GUI relating to this in May 2017, so I'm guessing that it's not a bug but rather more likely a config issue, does anyone have any tips on where to look to track the issue down?


Sorry, I've just realised that version 2.4 had some changes relating to Cloudflare in the changes list. Will update and see what happens.


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