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PFSENSE couldnt get WAN ip from modem

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Dear Team,  i have installed pfsense firewall version 2.3.5 yesterday ,  situation is my pfsense ssetup is  >ISP > MODEM > PFSENSE FIREWALL > CISCO SWITCH > ALL OTHER DEVICES  prooblem is pfsense coul detecct LAN interface automatically but unable to recognise WAN interface ip as well as i am able to ping and default gateway of assigned LAN ip apart from it i am unable to ping DNS as well as locally with ip ranging from to which was assigned by me in basic pfsense setup .  can any one please help me in this issue .  Thank you

Did you reboot the modem from your ISP after connecting it to your pfSense WAN interface?

yeah !  then also WAN interface is not detected automatically could you help me in this case

There are lots of reasons why this could be failing, but you're not giving us enough information to help you.  In general, please provide as much information as possible, even if you don't think it's relevant.

What type of internet connection to you have?

Has this internet connection worked with other firewalls/routers?

Is the modem hooked directly to your pfSense machine via ethernet or is a switch involved?

Have you tested this with known good network cables?

Please tell us what hardware you're using, and in particular, what kind of network interface cards you have?

The more information the better...

we have broadband cable modem with type DHCP ,

yes from cable modem to laptop directly it worked , where as in case if i try from  cable modem to pfsesne firewall its not pinging by default gateway of cable modem as well as DNS server of google ping request also failed

But from pfsense LAN interface when i connect to LAPTOP directly i can access pfsense web gui.

cable modem is directly hooked to pfsense WAN interface later from pfsense LAN interface i am trying to connect to switch

yes , i have tested with good working condition RJ 45 cable

i am using "hp thin client t5740" as pfsense firewall in my setup

i do have one WAN interface card in t as well as two LAN interface card in it.

please try to help me in this . 


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