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SG-2440 reset, disk usage and OpenVPN users


I had to reset one of my SG-2440s (2.3.2-RELEASE-p1) and restore the last config backup.  Once it was booted again I noticed that disk usage of / was reporting as 103% of 3.5GiB.  This was mostly usage from ntopng's log files, which I've subsequently purged, and was probably the cause of the crash.  So a few questions:

Is the reset switch on the 2440 not actually a factory reset?  I know it wiped the configuration file, but it apparently leaves storage intact.  Is this intentional?

This leads me to my next query; between the last config backup and yesterday's reset I'd added several OpenVPN users.  These users, despite not appearing in the GUI nor having user names or certificates in /cf/conf/config.xml, are still able to connect to OpenVPN.  What am I missing?   Not that I want to re-issue credentials, but is there some additional configuration somewhere else that's allowing this?

Also, is there anyway to backup and restore the installed packages?



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