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OpenVPN-AS or OpenVPN Remote Access Server which should I install?


Iíve been running OpenVPN-Access Server (aka OpenVPN-AS) in a docker on another machine for about a year now and really like it. Fairly easy to configure and havenít had any issues.

The how-to articles include instructions for installing OpenVPN-AS.

They also include instructions for installing OpenVPN Remote Access Server

Iím not sure which I should install. The OpenVPN Remote Access Server has a wizard so Iím sure Installation would be quick and easy. From the descriptions Iíve found it seems that the two software packages are very similar. The few screenshots Iíve seen from OpenVPN Remote Access Server are completely different from OpenVPN-AS though.

Are these two different user interfaces for the same software? The names are so similar that I suspect this may be true.

If not, which should I install? Easy installation/use would be my primary goal as long as security considerations are equal. I typically stick with default settings mostly anyway.

OpenVPN-AS is a commercial server distribution from the OpenVPN project itself, and has no relation to pfSense. The article you linked about that is for pfSense acting as a *client* connecting to a remote OpenVPN-AS instance.

The second article you linked is about setting up pfSense as an OpenVPN server itself to accept connections from remote clients.

Two completely different scenarios and roles.

What is your goal? To act as a VPN server for clients? Or something else?

Iíll set it up as a server on my home network and connect remotely from a mobile device.

Then the second link for setting up OpenVPN as a Remote Access Server using the wizard is what you're after.


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