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Mtecknology be power tripping in your IRC room


01:17:28 < Haris> hello all
01:17:28 < Haris> guys!
01:17:37 < mybalzitch> what about the women
01:17:40 < Haris> pfsense pages don't open correctly on mobile set
01:17:46 < mybalzitch> mobile set?
01:17:51 < mybalzitch> pfsense pages? what are those
01:18:01 < Haris> Google/Motorolla Nexus 6
01:18:18 < mybalzitch> alright, thats the mobile device you are using
01:18:29 < Haris> I can't reach or scroll to status -> Traffic graph when page is opened on mobile set
01:18:39 < mybalzitch> okay I see what you mean now
01:18:43 < Haris> there's no option to scroll in menu on the mobile set, even on a 6" screen
01:18:51 < mybalzitch> I have a different phone, but I use the chrome browser as well
01:18:57 < mybalzitch> let me check
01:20:31 < mybalzitch> okay, by scroll in menu, you mean being able to look through the other choices in the menu button, while on the status -> traffic graph ?
01:21:52 < Haris> no
01:21:53 < Haris> status menu in lengthy
01:22:03 < Haris> in mobile set, page doesn't scroll till the Traffic Graph option
01:22:12 < Haris> it stops mid way in the menu
01:23:36 < mybalzitch> that's what I see on that page
01:23:55 < Haris> for e.g., I can't see past the IPSec or Load Balancer or Monitoring option(s) from the menu
01:23:57 < mybalzitch> I was able to scroll down to get to the traffic graph choice as well
01:24:03 < Haris> hmm
01:25:06 < Haris> how were you able to scroll down till that option ?
01:25:13 < Haris> that's iOS platform ?
01:25:20 < Haris> I'm on android
01:25:25 < Haris> in chrome
01:27:19 < mybalzitch> not iOS
01:27:26 < mybalzitch> its a galaxy s8+ with the chrome browser
01:28:03 < Haris> can you show the status menu in open state ? or can you tell how you were able to see the later option(s) in the menu ? I can't see or reach them in
01:28:19 < mybalzitch>
01:28:21 < mybalzitch> thats what I use
01:28:26 <@MTecknology> None of this has anything to do with pfsense.
01:28:45 < mybalzitch> MTecknology: ....
01:29:19 < Haris> reaching or not being able to reach an option on pfsense is an app related stuff
01:29:21 -!- mhoungbo [~mhoungbo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
01:29:27 -!- mybalzitch was kicked from #pfsense by MTecknology [no worries.. bye now]

We were nicely discussing what could be a problem with rendering parts of the pfsense website on mobile devices.

M'teck'nology felt the need to butti n and police the productive conversation for whatever reason.

This is blatant abuse of mod powers.

Thank you for bringing this up. I'm sorry you or others have had bad experience. Thank you.


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