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Multiple PS4s, Cant get Nat 2 on both consoles.


I have 2 ps4s and only the first one gets upnp with nat 2
The second to boot up shows nothing in upnp and gets nat type 3.
Both are configured with hybrid nat and static ports (pure nat).
Even tried a 3rd nic and different subnet but still have the same results.
Other routers seem to do fine but I really want this to work on pfsense.
Any ideas ?

I was able to get multiple PS4's to get type NAT 2 connection. I added the IP of my PS4 as a /32 so that it is the only thing added for each PS4

having some trouble here - I'm getting the error code:

error code: 2618-0516
NAT traversal process has failed

I've attached the firewall/nat/outbound screen - have I missed anything?

ah, I've fixed mine!  see this thread:


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