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Author Topic: Speed problem between two pfSenses  (Read 143 times)

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Speed problem between two pfSenses
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:12:17 am »
Hello all,
I am behind pfSense - and there is no problem with download, downloads from everywhere is done with full speed (simple pfSense config - 1xWAN, 1xLAN)
Second location is also on behind pfSense and download from everywhere is done with full speed (also simple pfSense config).

...but, when I try to download something from my first location to my second location - download speed is about 500KBps.
So, only download where both side are befind pfSense is slow, everything else is OK.

I tried to connect both location with IPsec but speed is the same. Same speed is when I download OpenVPN to connect to second location also - so basically, what every I try speed is the same while I'b behind pfSense and making a download from other computer behind pfSense.

Where can I look and what to try?

Thanks my people!