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Author Topic: proxmox vm+pfsense  (Read 151 times)

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proxmox vm+pfsense
« on: December 18, 2017, 11:08:04 am »
I have a matx mobo with a 8320 + 8 gig ram.  When I get my  Ryzen build for my desktop up I want to take the 8320 system use proxmox and do VM of pfsense and open media vault. This way I cut down on my pcs in the house on my side. I'll most likely get a quad pi for a HTPC build later  or  do this set up below:

4 or 2 CPUs to pfsense, 2 CPUs to omv split the 8 gig between the two, for now, i can install  16 gig ram + in this board. 2 cpus htpc setup.

Right now  I have a separate pc running pfsense mini-itx my gaming pc + nas(was killed after power outage /bios reset told me bad flash).

Pfsense box has dual cpu and 4 gig ram no AES-NI support.

I have a 250 u/d fiber via telus used between 6 devices iptv, a work laptop(girlfriends) my pc, pfsense,2 cell phones.

I  split connection with a switch to t3200m router + pfsense by switch from Telus ont as pfsense does not like how they use a setup with the IPTV and igmp setup.

I would like to admin the t3200m router on my pc but so far can't without disconnecting my pc and plugin to t3200m  and the separate network as i get two different ips this way.

it's  the point and a pain. also w omv setup I'd like to record to the drive not a pfsense issue so far lol.

Would the basic setup work???
Would I be inline for 2.5 pfsense support??
Would I need a vnetwork supported switch?