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High CPU Utilization After Upgrade 2.4-RC to 2.4.2-p1


Wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour...

Yesterday, I upgraded an SG-1000 from 2.4-RC to 2.4.2-p1.  Ever since then I've been noticing high CPU utilization.  I have posted a graph (last 48 hours) from one of my monitoring systems that shows the increase in CPU activity.

Not 100% sure, but System Activity seems to show php-fpm at the top of the list.

Anyone else seeing this?  Any thoughts?  I have restarted PHP-FPM as well as restarted the actual firewall itself, but it always comes back with this high CPU.



That particular output doesn't show much. A few percent used by PHP, most likely because you're viewing that from the GUI.

Connect to the console or ssh, start a shell and run "top -aSH" and wait a bit and see what shows up there.

Looks like my issue was being logged into the web portal.  When I logged out of the web portal, my CPU utilization went down to average around 10%.

That is probably due to a netstat bug that was addressed a week or so ago. It will be better in 2.4.3, you can try a snapshot now if you like.


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