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*RANT* Why pfsense is popular

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In my quest to increase my networking knowledge and to have control of my own equipment, I had decided to remove my Google Fiber network box from my network and decided with a single box solution. Yes you can guy a managed switch like the edge router and stick a consumer router behind it (this is a need of having GFiber as you have to set your WAN to VLAN 2 with a 802.11q bit of 3) and be done with it.  But after reading and watching many many youtube videos about rolling your own router and most of them were about pfsense, I then focused my video watching to pfsense related videos.

First I bought a cheap Chinese pos intel j1900 cpu based mini pc, works ok so long as your wan connection is under 300Mbps. So then I decided to build my own small form factor pc. THe heart of this beast would be an AMD FM2+ A10-8750 cpu on a A88X based mini itx board. Along with a 4 port intel nic this box chews up 1Gbps and spits it back out. I have zero issues when it comes to "normal" data traffic.

*RANT part*

But the the life of me this OS is crap for gamers, online gamers (atleast with WOW). If my GFiber box is the router, WOW as a constant 70-80 ms lag, with pfsense 300-1500 ms lag. And I have tried having port forwarding on and off with no difference. Now I can live with 300ms lag but anything over 500ms is painful. So i decided to try a few other firewall/router x64 solutions, mostly linux based. And now I know why pfsense is so popular, most everything out there is dog sh*t.  I had seen few posts about gamers using UNTANGLED of pfsense as they felt UT didn't introduce the lag that pfsense does as using the same HW they had way lower lag with UT over pfsense. SO i decided to try UT. This would have need a good solution and seems to be one of the best solutions using linux but you can't set the 802.11q bit for the damn VLAN. Is this only a featuyre in FreeBSD based firewall/router based solutions or just a lack of intelligence of the linux firewall developers??????

I'm at a loss of ideas to run with my own router build. Pfsense is a good solutions of most but not online gamers.

Sorry but you did not provide any context or asked for help. Ranting or venting doesn't help anyone. Most of us are gamers and latency is not an issue. If you have latency issues check your hardware, cables, ISP and so on.

"with pfsense 300-1500 ms lag."

If your seeing this sort of lag that you are blaming on pfsense you got something else wrong... Sorry but that is just not the case... There is nothing pfsense would be doing that would introduce such extra lag..

Please show you work and setup that brings you to the conclusion that pfsense is the cause of your lag..

Something as simple as even.. Lets see those numbers with and without pfsense.

Stop building castles in swamps, pfSense being the castle and the swamp being your hardware.

I'm getting 0.008ms through pfSense. I let bittorrent run 24/7 and don't have any issues with latency. Here's my quality graph against


--- Quote from: ivor on December 21, 2017, 10:50:17 am ---Sorry but you did not provide any context or asked for help. Ranting or venting doesn't help anyone. Most of us are gamers and latency is not an issue. If you have latency issues check your hardware, cables, ISP and so on.

--- End quote ---

That's kind of the point of it being a *RANT* do you know many RANTS that are useful or helpfully? That being said.....

All the hardware is the same minus the pfsense box and the Google Fiber box, cables everything else is the same .

AS for the Current hardware:
AMD A10-5800B FM2
GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XN-WIFI FM2+/FM2 A88X with the lastest BIOS F6
8 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 @ 1600Mhz

ISP is Google fiber and it is a PITA being able to remove the box from the network as the WAN has to be VLAN 2 tagged and the priority bit set to 3 which is done easily in pfsense. And may infact be the issue but I doubt that as I can goto any speed test site:

and all the speed test are within 50Mbps of each other both with the GFiber box and the pfsense box. and the pings form each site range from 4-6 ms.

My normal day to day data traffic flows with no hiccups with either box. Streaming movies (netflix, hulu, amazon) livetv (sling), youtube, pandora and that runs fine with either box. When I try to play WoW, on the GF box 78ms, nothing more nothing less. PF normal is 300-600 ms. this is with a vanilla install, and I have tried using port forwarding for the WOW server/ports doesn't not matter if they are on or off.

Also pfsense doesn't grab the dhcpv6 info that the GF box does and this seem to be an issue that all GF users have.


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