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Hello,i learned a lot about hw requirements reading this forum but still i have my doubts what CPU to chose.
First i chose a G3930 -38 Euro ,then i start thinking about power consumption and i saw G4560T-88 Euro.
I know the difference its huge as Price,but G4560T its TDP 35W and its 2 cores 2 threads.
I will do openvpn,suricata,plugins,video surviliance,etc ,apart from the 2 extra threads i will get a benefit from the G4560T?
For the record this is my setup
MB Asrock H110M-ITX - 61 Euro
Ram Ballistix Sport LT 4GB DDR4 2400 MT - 49Euro
Case+Psu MHero-L-B Mini-ITX - 70 Euro + shipping
Nic 4 ports HP NC364T 436431-001 - 23 euro + shipping ,from eBay.

Is the total price comparable to a china box like a Minisys or Qotom? Maybe that would be a better choice (with the i3 and 4x intel NICs).
Other than that, your setup seems reasonable (but it will be physically large), also keep in mind that the TDP is the maximum power it will be putting out as heat. Thermal Design Power. So that's only a figure of maximum power it burns. You should probably take 50% off of that for a firewall-under-load type of power consumption, and probably less since if you activate PowerD it will use very little power. Also disable everything you don't need in the UEFI/BIOS, like Parallel port, audio, wake-on-lan, OpROMs etc.

A fairly modern system will use maybe 15w under normal usage (the U-series i5 and i3 boxes I have at least do that), a custom system might use more because components might not support sharing power state information, ASPM support is rather mixed even still for example.

 I don´t want to go for a china box(support,reliability are a major concern for me),if i will like how pfsense work i might go for a netgear ítem and this pc will go to my son.
So in conclusion both cpu under the same circumstances(load) will consume the same no?then i might go with g4560 non T to get better perfomance if its needed.
Cpu TDP include also the igpu no?
Thanks for your answer.

Don't forget that all of the stuff you'll be putting together comes from the same china factory and is designed by the same china people ;-) And support is in india, so it's not really much different. On the forum here, we have tested some stuff, and mostly the Qotom and MiniSys stuff seems good. We use it in deployments as well because due to the low cost and good performance, it's easier to just keep one on stock in case one fails. Support is good too, you just receive a new one within a week if you get a DoA or failure within warranty.

The CPU type and performance mostly makes a difference when you make a lot of IDS or NAT rules, or if you do multiple VPN connections. Otherwise, get the cheapest CPU since it won't matter at all.

Hello again,
For cpu i got the g4600 and under prime95 he draw 26W max, at idle 2 3W so its perfect,i doubt that pfsense will act like prime95.
Now i have another problem,in my case i can use pcie only horizontal.
What pcie riser i should use without losing performance for my quad nic.


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