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Possible? When it detects a voip call, throttle everything else to 1%?

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I have very freaky cable internet :(

I'm paying for 1gig/50mbps but I've never seen more than 30mbps up.

In the evening the upload speed drops to about 20mbps and the download speed drops to about 150mbps, so setting up traffic shaping rules is tricky.

My main issue is with voip. We have 6 voip channels and 6 extensions connected to Anveo on port 5010 ( using g711 (about 87kbps per channel so says the traffic queue). When doing big downloads using sftp (48 threads) it murders the voip (timeouts, dropped packets, big latency, etc.).

What I would like to do is set up some type of rule that once it detects a voip call it throttles everything else to 1% or something. When I'm on a call I don't need to be using the internet. We don't have IPTV or anything else that needs priority.

-Jamie M.

Like you've said, fluctuating bandwidth complicates the matter. In general, you need to target your slowest rate.

That being said, you don't need to limit to 1%, assuming that is possible in a non-kludgy way. If you look into the fq_Codel discussion, you should get pretty much everything you want and all you need to do is configure the bandwidth appropriately. It may be possible to setup some timed jobs that change ipfw's configured bandwidth for on-peak and off-peak times.

At work I just use PRIQ and classify voip traffic over everything else.  I don't have to worry about bandwidth allocation.


--- Quote from: Harvy66 on December 26, 2017, 06:04:17 pm ---In general, you need to target your slowest rate.
--- End quote ---
You were right. If I set it to 125mbps voip works flawless, no matter how many downloads I have going on:

(WAN gateway is pinging my sip provider, WAN6 is pinging google dns)

Going to hurt bad during the daytime though.

Thanks for the help!

-Jamie M.

You may be able to get away with no throttling your download so much as your upload. Your upload bandwidth is probably getting swamped with ACKs hurting VoIP.


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