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Captive Portal acting weird in 2.4(2.4.2-RELEASE-p1)

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I noticed after upgrading from 2.3.4 to 2.4 that whenever I change any of the settings on the Captive Portal settings page I get locked out of my router, and don't even have access to the internet. If I ping my router( I get no respond. Only fix would be to reboot the pfSense box... I cannot find any similar issues to this one, so I'm asking for a fix. I even reinstalled the whole OS but it's got the same issue... Shouldn't be hardware related? Thanks in advance.

Are you making said changes from an interface that is served by the captive portal?

What sort of change are you making?

You are going to have to provide far more details if you actually want a bug report to be opened that has a prayer of getting worked.

Changing any of the options given on the pfSense control panel under Services > Captive Portal tab. When I change anything and want to apply those changes, by pressing the Save button, the page stars reloading and never finishes. After that, I cannot access the pfSense control panel, nor ping the router. I also lose the internet connection, so the only fix that I found to work was to restart the pfSense machine. Then everything starts working as usual. The settings made in the Captive Portal tab are saved, but if I try to change them again I am met with the same issue. I tried different settings, freeradius ones, https and all get me the same problem. What else information could I get you?

Not sure what to tell you. Working here - and apparently everywhere else.

So it's something peculiar to your environment.

You'll have to cut loose with network topology, screen shots, etc.

A specific set of steps to duplicate, starting from a fresh 2.4.2_1 installation would help too.

Hello, thanks for the quick respond. This is a fresh latest pfSense installed, about 6h ago. For all that other information I need to give, could I get an email or some other form of communication, these posts here are hard to manage and may get some of my private info exposed?


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