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I wanted to dress up my captive portal page and looking around the Internet for one, since I'm not a HTML/CSS designer. I found a template that I thought was really nice and the developer shared it on GitHub. I'm sharing it here for anyone else who wanted something better than the built in one. This portal does have a responsive design that will resize depending on the device accessing the Captive Portal. There seems to be a lot of things in the file that are not needed but I haven't really had the time to optimize the file(s).

These guys/gals below deserve all the credit all I did was download their work and change a few lines of code for my needs. I am currently running on PfSense 2.4.3.a.20171227.0927 (Developmental).

You will have to take the .txt files and rename them to .html for this to work for you.
The images are embedded in the file, I encoded them to base64 you can use this site
to encode your img files and edit the code to change the background to what ever you want.

*Did a edit to today to fix all the grammer mistakes. Guess I shouldn't post when I am really really tired.

Nice. thanks for sharing


--- Quote from: Gil on January 09, 2018, 08:31:21 pm ---Nice. thanks for sharing

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Your welcome.

Hi thanks for sharing, my problem is how do I edit this? All i want is the voucher thing not the user name and pass..


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