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Limiting bandwith for specific sites


Hie everyone, how do I limit bandwidth for specific sites eg, or and assigning specific speed to each site respectively?th I tried delay_pools but they flag an error when there is more than one delay_pool.


Depending on how much bandwidth you have, you're probably better off using a turn-key AQM like fq_Codel. Just set your bandwidth and it will make sure everything feels fast.

Thank you Harvy66,
Firstly how do i do that secondly i have a 20mbps connection
Thank you.

Harvy66: is probably all you need. Depending on your upload bandwidth, you may need to tune the "quantum" and "target". In general, fq_Codel absolutely needs some tuning below 1Mb, highly desirable below 2Mb, still useful below 5-10Mb, depending on how picky you are about maximizing your bandwidth.


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