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Issues with HFSC and Line Speed



I just got my DSL connection upgraded (100/40) and also bought a new Box. So, it's a complete fresh setup.
I setup the Shaper as usual, but got the feeling the stuff isn't quiet working.

When I download something (using p2p) I can easily max out my line. During this my latency goes up on all Interfaces, this is the case till I limit the "Upper Limit" on the qInternet to about (m2) 86Mb.

Which means I can only get ~ 86 MBit of my line. Is this as expected ?
Any advice ?

Is it expected? Depends on your ISP and every last detail about how they configured their infrastructure. One cannot have expectation in lue of information. But yes, it does fall withing the normal range of what might be expected.

Thanks for your reply.

But I'm not sure if this is correct, I mean I can get 100 MBit Downstream easily, so it's not that that the BW is not available, it's just that the latency goes up.

I always understood that this is something QoS will help with (queuing and stuff).
I also wonder, why I got drops, when the Line is not saturated at all (5 Mbit)

All you can do to avoid saturation is drop packets. There must always be "room" for the ISP to send you data without queueing it themselves which results in "buffer bloat" which increases latency.

86 is on the low end and I would expect something in the mid-90s to work too but if that's what it takes to reduce bloat in your particular situation then that's what it takes.

And you need to remember that when you are shaping "downloads" you are really shaping traffic being sent out LAN. You have zero control over how fast the ISP sends data to you. You have to try to get your local host not to pull so fast.

If your problem is torrents, one of the easiest things to do is to just limit the speed at which the application will download using the application itself to something that does not cause issues for you.

Ok, thanks for clearing this up.

I'll see what I can do on the torrenting.


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