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Problems with Port Forward



Been reading the port forwarding trouble shooting but cannot seems to figure out what is wrong.

I have the following setup:

LAN (Pfsense -> Swtich (clients.

I have  setup a port forward on 22290 to (Works both from internal network as well as when connecting from outside) (this is the pfsense box)
I have setup up the same rules but 22280 to (Only working when connecting from internal network)

What could be wrong?

Using Pure Nat
TFTP proxy on WAN and LAN

Using These Port Forwards
          WAN    TCP    *    *    WAN address    22290    22 (SSH)       
          WAN    TCP    *    *    WAN address    22280    22 (SSH)       

And these firewall rules at the top for WAN

           IPv4 TCP    *    *    *    22280    *    none            
         IPv4 TCP    *    *    22 (SSH)    *    none         
          IPv4 TCP    *    *    22 (SSH)    *    none         

And these for LAN
    IPv4 TCP    *    *    *    22 (SSH)    *    none

Done snooping as well but can't see any obvious errors. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
Don't get any specific things in the logs as well.

Regards, D


Found the solution finally. Reset my firewall just to be sure.
Found out the issue was due to default gatway was not set correctly on my client machine.

Basically did this:
 route add default gw eth1

Now it seems to work!


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