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Monitor is FALSE detecting one of my WANs as DOWN and another WAN as UP

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I have 3 WANs, each WAN has static outer IP address, given by provider.

The topology is following:

When I have no money on provider2 or I have any other problems with it, I can't ping IP2 from inside my LAN and from AWS hosting.

Nevertheless, monitoring of this gateway indicates green.

I.e. I have FALSE POSITIVE detection.

An opposite is happening with provoder3. If I have everything OK with it, and I can ping IP3 from inside my LAN and from AWS hosting, apinger reports it is down.

I.e. I have FALSE NEGATIVE detection.

All gateways are cofigured as parts of one Load_Balancing_Group at tier 1.

provider1 is configured as default and works ok.

How it can be?

What are the monitor IP you use?

Outer IP of my provider. I can ping it from outside at the very same moment when apinger reporting it's down.

I had as similar problem with ATT, you couldn't ping their gateway IP from the same network (WAN interface IP) but you could from outside that subnet.
I had to set up my monitor IP to because it's google, they can handle the traffic, it's up pretty much all the time, and it monitors through the ISP gateway.
Downside to this method, your interface response time reporting is skewed higher because you're hitting an actual internet host instead of the first hop.

I can ping IP3 from everywhere. Their router has WEB-interface, and it has PING page there. So, I tried to ping from:

1) workstation inside LAN

2) pfSense command line

3) provider's router.

Ping works from everywhere.

Only apinger thinks interface is down, by unknown reason, probably BUG.


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