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Two interfaces have stopped seeing each other


I have upgraded to 2.4.2 and now my two internal interfaces no longer communicate.

I have Int1
and Int2

They used to be able to see each other with no issues.

Now they can't talk to each other at all. When I try and trace route, they appear to be attempting to using the WAN gateway to go out and see each other. Obviously causing an issue.

It worked fine until I did the last upgrade.

Any Suggestions?

If you have two local interfaces with pass rules and the traffic is going out WAN the traffic is probably being matched by a policy routing rule (a rule with a gateway/gateway group set.)

I don't wee where I change that. Is something new in 2.4.2? because it literally stopped working right after the upgrade.

Never mind that fixed it!


No. It is not new.

There is something called "negate routes" that attempts to automatically bypass policy routing for certain networks.

It can miss things in certain cases so it might have been automatically negated before and is not now.

Glad you found it.


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