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Hi everyone!

Im using Pfsense 2.4.2, and i already installed squid and squidguard packeges. Everything is configured and working, but im really having trouble to configure squidguard logs.

The logs from squid are already configured, im sending them to my external syslog, but i would that pfsense sends the squidguard denied logs to my syslog too.

In squid configuration i have this option: "Makes it possible for SquidGuard denied log to be included on Squid logs." For this to work, squid sais that is necessary to put this code in the sgerror.php file:

--- Code: ---$sge_prefix = (preg_match("/\?/", $cl['u']) ? "&" : "?");
$str[] = '< iframe > src="'. $cl['u'] . $sge_prefix . 'sgr=ACCESSDENIED" width="1" height="1" > < /iframe >';
--- End code ---

The problem is that i have no idea where to put this code inside the file.

In my google research i found some instructions for older versions of pfsense, but it seems that the sgerror.php file is different in ver. 2.4.2.

Does anyone knows how to configure the squidguard logs in this new version?

Obs. Im using transparent proxy mode.



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