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NICS on NAS routing traffic


hi all,

im very interested in getting a QNAP TS-231P as it has dual NICS but couple of questions before i buy

im going to install on it PLEX and a VPN eg torguard/nordvpn/hide my ***

i want to bind PLEX on NIC 1 and bind the VPN on NIC 2

basically if i want to access PLEX from the LAN/WAN i want it go in/out via NIC 1 and i want the VPN to use NIC 2 only

obviously the reason why i want to use seperate NICS for different things is because as soon as i start the vpn client it will get a random IP address from a VPN server and it wont get my ISP IP and when i want to access PLEX from outside i want it to use my ISP IP

is this possible?

many thanks,


dont worry about this now as im not going to do it this way no more

the reason is because i would need to spend on a NAS to get a top dog one to install plex on so it can do the transcoding to 1080p


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