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Corrupted print jobs to different subnets?


So, I trying to leave Untangle behind and move forward with using PFSense for a bit at one of my clients sites, a car dealership.

Their data vendor backend is CDK, which uses mostly Cisco networking equipment and kyocera printers, and their their networks are on different subnets behind the LAN.

A few weeks ago, I tried to switch from Untangle to PFSense, and everything was good except for one very important thing. Printing to their Kyocera printers on a different subnet.

Keep in mind, I have already checked the box for "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" in systeml/advanced/firewall n nat.

So, I get this error on a test print:
PCLXL error
subsystem: I/O
Error: InputReadError
Operator: ReadChar

While it says nothing of the error, hoping to jolt your brains into remembering something similar

I tried to access the shell for any hints, and getting tons of these across the logs at the bottom, and I don't know if it is related:

For now, having to revert to Untangle until I can find a solution. I am hoping this is some firewall packet checking error, but I don't know where in the logs to look.

Uncheck that box you checked.  You haven't provided any tangible details about your network.  pfSense wouldn't be much of a routing firewall if it couldn't handle sending traffic between subnets.


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