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An update on Meltdown and Spectre

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All fixed!  (AMD patches are pretty broken as well)

Sweet!!  Meanwhile the hackers and the NSA are having a party!

I agree it's a mess and hope this will get patched soon.

I actually wouldn't apply any of these patches to a pfsense running on hardware.  You risk performance and stability hits and I think pfsense isn't really at risk unless its running as a VM.  I'd only apply these patches to a machine hosting VMs.  I wouldn't even do that right now actually.  I'd wait for the chip makers to get their act together.


--- Quote from: ---The FreeBSD developers will likely wait a bit before starting the backport of these patches to both FreeBSD 11 and 10. Once these backports are available, snapshots including the fixes will only be available for pfSense® 2.4.x and amd64 architecture.
--- End quote ---
Again, why is that?


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