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Author Topic: Internet connection Sharing - Unable to connect to ISP Router IP from WAN  (Read 142 times)

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My apologies, if this an old repeated post. This is the first time I'm configuring a pfSense box. Here's the setup that I've done.

GATEWAY IP: / ( ISP Provided Static IP)
WAN IP : / (ISP Provided)
LAN IP : /
(DHCP server configured on LAN - ip Range : -
DNS Server : /

I've removed all the blocking restrictions that come along while configuring both LAN & WAN interfaces using web configurator
I've not set any gateway for the LAN card but given as gateway for WAN
I'm able to login to the web configurator from a client machine
My problem is I'm unable to ping the Gateway IP from my WAN & likewise connect to the INTERNET.

I've not configured any firewall rules till now... should any rule be set to allow INTERNET access or pinging the gateway from my WAN.

The result of ping using WAN to gateway returns 100% packet loss.

Kindly do help me out in configuring my first pfsense box so that I could share INTERNET to my client Machines.

Thanks & Regards

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Are you sure, that you get a WAN address from the router?

I mean, be sure, if the router can and works in the bridge mode or just does not make NAT. Normally home routers provide LAN addresses. In this case it will be double NAT-ing. (It is not bad).

Try to configure pfSense WAN interface "IPv4 Configuration Type" as "DHCP" and change  to e.g., because many home routers use as LAN.
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Thank you for the response. The WAN IP is provided by the ISP as a Static IP. Actually, we have been provided with a range of IP's starting from - of which the ISP has set as the Gateway IP.

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.112 to .129?  You mean .127?  So they gave you a /28 or .112/28

.128 would be the next /28 with .112 the wire and .127 the broadcast in a .112/28 network..

If your having problems setting static - make sure you got the mask correct.. So your setting pfsense IP to .114 with /28 and gateway to the .113 address... .112 is the wire/network in that /28 that makes sense for the IPs for the IP range you were given... Unless they are giving you IPs out of a bigger mask the .129 makes no sense.  Validate what mask you are suppose to be setting with your isp.

your setting a /24 and setting the wan IP to the network address if they gave you a /28 which would make more sense if your saying the .113 is the gateway which would be the 1st IP in the /28.

Why would ISP set their IP .113 but allow you to use .112?  If they were just giving you a range of IPs out of bigger network you would think they would take the first address in the range as the gateway... So if it was a /24 then their gateway would normally be .1 or .254 etc.. Why would their gateway be at .113 out of /24 and let you use .112 to .129?  Something not right there..
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