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Author Topic: BUGFIX - 2.4 Upgrade disables use of SFP NIC  (Read 105 times)

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BUGFIX - 2.4 Upgrade disables use of SFP NIC
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:40:29 pm »
Ive been running pfSense for well over a year now, but recently I began to actually look towards upgrading to the new 2.4 release.

The unfortunate thing, is that when I do, pfSense refuses to detect any kind of link through my Broadcom SFP NIC. With both my WAN and LAN using multimode fiber optic, it makes it incredibly difficult to use with lower speeds or re-running CAT5 to establish an ethernet connection. It detects the card, but seems to refuse all data.

I can only presume it is pfSense kicking out the card, because the card works fine with 2.3.5,which is what I have rolled back to.

Any advice?

Hardware Specifications:
DELL Poweredge R210 II

Intel Pentium G6950 (2 Cores, 2.8GHz, 73W, 1066Mhz)
140GB Hard Disk
NIC: BCM957810A1006G (Broadcom 10G SFP+ Dual-Port NIC)
pfSense Release 2.3.5