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I currently use VPN client on my windows PC with PPTP protocol as my ISP otherwise throttles Usenet. I am aware that PPTP is not fully secure but it is fine for my purpose. I get 100 mbps  download speed with my windows PC based encryption. I would like to move to a router based solution but if I use my Asus RT68u as PPTP client, speed drops to 20mbps. So I am planning to buy a pfsense box.

While in the past I have built PCs I couldn’t be bothered any longer.

What’s the best recommendation for a small, fanless box with AES-NI support. Ideally it is thoroughly user tested, either comes pre-installed with pts ends or installation doesn’t have any quirks.

I am guessing the setup would be cable modem > wan port of pfsense router | lan port of pfsense router > my wireless router, which will be used as an access point only

PPTP is no longer supported. You can't have it. Also, below 300 the SG-1000 works. As do cheap Qotom and MiniSys systems and the APU2.
Stop using PPTP, the sooner it's dead, the better. pfSense no longer includes server or client components and they will (hopefully) never return :)

Depending on your provider, you might have IPSec or OpenVPN options.

If you want true supported and preinstalled hardware, Netgate is your only option.

"I am aware that PPTP is not fully secure but it is fine for my purpose"

This is what is wrong... This mentality... You understand its not secure but continue to use it.. Move to something better vs holding on to old no longer secure protocols... Same goes for ftp - why will it not just die already... It should have been killed off 10 years ago as well..

That so called "vpn" providers still provide it - WTF??  Just utter nonsense.. There are plenty of easy to use and setup secure options - supporting dead tech doesn't do anyone any favors...  You will have to lookup the different vpn benchmarks for say the sg-1000, from what I recall it won't do anything close to 100mbps currently with openvpn.. But that might change with updated drivers, etc.. But its ipsec performance might be good enough?  If not go with its bigger brothers.. The sg-3100 might be a good fit for you, its a touch over your $300 mark but it does include gold, and has 4 switch ports, etc.  And biggest thing is you would be supporting the cause vs some china box ;)

By the way, what ISP is this, and what connection type are we talking about? If it's PPPoE it might require additional power since it's still single-threaded and quite heavy compared to other connection types.

I can sympathize with OP's challenge. Why do people think that everything needs to be 100% secure when I recon majority of VPN users only actually need a bit of obfuscation or proxy...

As for solution - I have been advised to try something different - wireguard (which pfsense unfortunately doesn't support yet). Your router supports LEDE, so you can try wireguard client on that ( if you can find a server). it's supposedly 4-5 times more perfomant than openvpn...


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