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Are the BSDs Dying?

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Someone has been saying BSD is dying and Linux will take over the desktop for about twenty years.
I don't see OpenBSD becoming the most popular BSD due to Theo's abrasive attitude.
Whatever, everyone has got their opinion, and I have mine as to the worth of that article.

I suspect that this falls under Betteridge's Law of Headlines, but I thought I would post it for discussion anyway.

Everything starts to die from the moment it is born....
BSD will be alive aslong as it serves purpose for more then a few.

The article is making too many assumptions, but it does have a point

Well hasn't that pretty much always been the way things are? Linux has a much larger user/developer base as well as corporate support. It only stands to reason that things will happen faster on Linux than on BSD. That doesn't necessarily mean that BSD is dying or worse than Linux, just different.


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