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Managing static IP and DHCP devices


Generally speaking, how do most network admins manage having devices with static IPs on the network?

Do they make a DHCP reservation for them, anyway? Even though they don't need need DHCP? Or do they have an IP range set aside for static IP devices?


For a 'local LAN', create a file and mention all IP's - IPv4 and IPv6 if you need them - add also the host names.

Every device you add to your network has DHCP client enabled - keep it that way.

Add a DHCP-static leases to pfSense for every device that makes part of your network. The DHCP leases (and IPv6 page) page should reflect 100 % the file you created.

Backup pfSense regularly.

Guests and other non trusted devices : no static lease, keep them on a separate network.


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