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Author Topic: [SOLVED] Cannot access server that resolves to Firewall WAN IP from behind the f  (Read 141 times)

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I have server (SERVER1) behind my pfSense firewall (FIREWALL). I have setup NAT Port Forward such that all traffic (ports 80 and 443) are forwarded to SERVER1. FIREWALL is expose to the world as

From SERVER, i can curl (or wget) any server (as expected). Example: wget
From any server outside of the firewall, i can wget
The problem is, from SERVER1, when perform wget, it hangs.

I'm assuming this is because I cannot make an outbound request to a server that ends up resolving back to the same FIREWALL server?

Thanks for your help,

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Thanks Dwayne. 

I had a similar issue; on my work computer, while connected to my employer's VPN, any attempts to access my local resources by URL failed; the traffic was redirected to the pfSense login screen instead.  This was close enough to your problem that I thought your link might help me solve the problem, and it did.  NAT reflection was what was needed.