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Pfsense IPsec webpages not working


We have a IPsec site to site VPN. The VPN is corretly setup and only allow all policies are applied on IPsec interface and LAN interface. From site 1 I can ping/SSH to but I am not able to open the web configurator. The configurator runs at port 80 and I'm sure I have set the allow all on the LAN and IPsec. I'm trying to connect the webconfigurator by IP address.

Site 1
LAN gateway address:
Hardware: Mikrotik Router

Site 2
LAN gateway address:

VPN authentication: SHA512
Encryption Algorithm: AES256

I already tried to switch the web configurator port to port 81, but I am still not able to access the webpage.

Ok I think I found a solutions. Somehow my HTTP(s) got dropped when using SHA512/AES256 to the Mikrotik box. When I use SHA1 and AES128 http(s) requests works fine and I am able to access the webconfigurator. Spend a lot of time finding this out, because only http(s) connections got dropped somehow.


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