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Here's a quick screenshot of the logs:

This is flooding my network, and making it slow and unstable.

I have tried to block all IPv6 traffic, but no luck.

I also block ping requests against that particular ipv4 ip. Nothing.

What can I do?

I wonder if the pinging is harming your network or the logging is. Just looking at the screenshot, it's like 2-3 pings per second.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I only see one IPv6 item and all the rest IPv4. 

That is an insignificant amount of traffic to be fingered as causing any kinds of slowdown.

Hi anyone.

Yes. You guys were right. That is nothing.

Take a look at this screenshot:

You see - That isnt alot of traffic either, However, its enough to slow my firewall down.

The actual pipe only uses a few mbits of traffic. The stable table size is on 500.

I use PFBlocker to block these connections. I cannot change the port, as its used for a game service.

Is there anyway, I can minimize the impact? I guess its just quite large packets its sending.

I've been thinking about upgrading the firewall with a way better CPU. Would that help my issue?

I am unsure, if this is not what is causing the lagg. As I have a device connected to the network that is not going through the PFsense box which is working just fine, and a speedtest also shows around the speeds I pay for. Therefore, I am pretty sure its the box itself getting bombed with something. CPU sometimes spikes from 10% to 50% then down again slowly. Up and down.


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