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Author Topic: How to set up VPN tunnel from Linode server to a private network?  (Read 83 times)

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I'm seeking advice on how to connect my home network to a Linode server, so I can use the Linode server as a gateway into my home network.

Problem: we've moved to a new house in a rural area, and our internet provider has a bizarre wireless system that does not provide us a public IP.  At our previous house, I used OpenVPN running on pfSense to provide a secure means to access our home network when I was on the road.  I wish to have a similar capability now, but the lack of a public IP address complicates things.

I hope to use a Linode server as a means to solve this problem, by setting up some sort of secure tunnel (VPN or SSH?) between the pfSense box and the Linode server.  The Linode server is currently running Ubuntu 16.04, but I could change to some other OS if that would make things easier.

I need to access several systems running on the the home network via SSH, WebDAV and VNC.  What little I know suggests that a VPN tunnel would be better than an SSH tunnel, as I need access to several ports on multiple servers.  However, while I've studied the docs, my limited networking knowledge isn't sufficient to understand how to set this up.