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Hello, I've been searching for it everywhere and I couldn't find any solution to my question.
How can I prioritize internet Bandwidth to an ip or alias instead of limiting it ?
I would like step by step instruction on how to do that please. Also if possible to set the bandwidth by percentage instead of being set since the internet here is not constant.

Thank you

There is no way for pfSense to know how much bandwidth is available. Some people using OpenWRT have created a collection of scripts that try to infer how much bandwidth you have, but pfSense does not have any of these because it's meant to be used in Enterprise settings with dedicated bandwidth.

Prioritization is a subset of limiting or shaping. If you limit/shape all of your bandwidth, but some class of your traffic you limit less than some other class of traffic, the one set of traffic will effectively have higher priority. This is a fundamental concept for any shaping/limiting.
Thank you very clear.
Yes I ended up limiting everyone expect the alias I wanted to prioritize.


--- Quote from: on February 05, 2018, 07:08:27 am ---Thank you very clear.
Yes I ended up limiting everyone expect the alias I wanted to prioritize.

--- End quote ---

How did you make your "limits"?  The only way I found was to add any IP address for the limiter.  Anyone else will have full throttle.

In my case, we will have 50 users, and we need to limit about 30 of them.  My best solution that I can think of is make all of the limited machines with Static IP addresses in the range to limit.  Anyone in DHCP will have full access.

Could there be any other way?

You may want to create your own thread for your own situation, but my personal recommendation is to try using Limiters+fq_codel on your WAN interface(s) and see if that solves the issues you're actually having, and not issues you're worried about happening. fq_codel is a great virtually zero-config turn-key solution to most people's woes. It is not turn-key to enable in pfSense yet, but it is technically slated to be completed in 2.4.3, assuming it doesn't get bumped.


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