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Author Topic: Multi WAN using HFSC Wizard  (Read 169 times)

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Multi WAN using HFSC Wizard
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:46:05 pm »
I'm going to be setting up HFSC using the wizard for now.  I have a WAN connection, an OpenVPN Server running, and an OpenVPN client running.  When running the wizard, I get a '3' filled in for the number of WAN connections. 

While this makes sense, I don't know how to go about setting this up properly.  Should I just use the one WAN connection and chose 150Mbps (provisioned rate)?  Should I have the WAN at 130Mbps, OpenVPN Server at 10Mbps and OpenVPN Client at 10Mbps? 

Thanks in advanced.