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Monitoring Not Showing Queue Traffic?



I've got some queues setup for my traffic.  That's all working fine, traffic goes in the right queues etc, I'm really pleased with how well it works.

This is what pftop -v queue shows me:

--- Code: ---pfTop: Up Queue 1-6/6, View: queue, Cache: 10000                                                                                         08:53:25

QUEUE                             BW SCH  PRIO     PKTS    BYTES   DROP_P   DROP_B QLEN BORROW SUSPEN     P/S     B/S
Bulk                                 priq    0        0        0        0        0    0                     0       0
Low                                  priq        219206 25099892        0        0    0                     3     460
Medium                               priq    2   890428  102133K        0        0    0                     0       0
High                                 priq    3     2169   321266        0        0    0                   0.2       8
VeryHigh                             priq    5    12646   988551        0        0    0                     0       0
Priority                             priq    7     1269   311483        0        0    0                     0       0

--- End code ---

However this is what the monitoring page is showing me:

There's no traffic at all, as far as it's concerned.  I have do "Use RAM Disk" ticked - could this be the problem?
Other things like traffic stats etc show as I expect.


Try 'pftop -s1 -v queue' (refreshes every 1 second)

or Status -> Queues

Yes, both of those show the correct information.
I just wondered why the monitoring wasn't working correctly - it's interesting (but only that, interesting, it doesn't matter) to go back and look how the pfSense box handled heavy load and what traffic went where.

I wonder if I should submit a bug report?



--- Quote from: muppet on February 07, 2018, 04:07:33 pm ---...
I wonder if I should submit a bug report?

--- End quote ---

Probably, but many details will be needed. You should start from a fresh install, document every change you makebup to the point where the problem occurs (and perhaps when it doesn't), then repeat this process so that the pfSense devs can reliably re-create your problem and quickly focus on fixing an obvious problem.

Good luck!

Gentle Joe:
When adding queues, it is a good idea to reset the firewall state table, as existing connections won't be tagged yet, only new connections.


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