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Searching for advanced security scan service.

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Dear reader,

I am in search of a site which can scan my WAN connection to see whether anything is proper enough.
I know there is something like this, but I cannot find it in my bookmarks anymore, again.

Do you know what site(s) I am searching? If you would be willing to share, that would be awesome!


Are you wanting to just scan for what ports are open... Very common site is shields up

If your looking to see if a specific port is open then canyouseeme is common and popular..

Does that help?

No those I am aware of.
I believe it was a very technical site with a paid option too.

Ah - you mean like nessus or its newer name tenable

Or maybe

Both of which have free options or paid options.  Or maybe your thinking of

NogBadTheBad: maybe ?


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